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Services & Methodology

Houghton McKenzie Ltd operates a number of different recruitment models. These services are outlined below but if you would like a more detailed assessment as to which service would deliver the best results for your own particular brief, then please feel free to pick up the phone to talk to one of our consultants.


A contingency assignment includes a full and detailed assessment of the vacancy to be filled. Very simply, the more accurate the brief at the outset, the more closely matched the candidates we send for interview.

The service includes selection of suitable candidates from our extensive database of current job seekers. If any additional advertising is required this is funded by Houghton McKenzie Ltd, with no cost to the client.

Selections and recommendations will be made according to the original vacancy brief and arrangements made for candidates to be interviewed at a location convenient to the client.

Our fee is completely contingent on us finding a candidate that you consider suitable for the role. If for any reason we are unable to locate such a candidate then no fees fall due.

Advertised Selection

This service is particularly suitable when it is required that the candidates have very specific and specialised experience or knowledge. In this instance, recruitment campaigns often benefit from additional advertising in suitably specialist publications.

The client becomes responsible for the cost of the advertising. Houghton McKenzie Ltd design, set and place the advert, and handle all resultant replies. Only those candidates that closely match the original brief will be put forward to the client for interview.

There is no charge for the processing of the replies, rather a success fee is charged to the client once the campaign has been successfully completed.

Retained/Premier Services

Retained assignments involve Houghton McKenzie Ltd sharing the costs of the recruitment process with the client. These costs are always agreed between the parties at outset but typically will include three stage payments, one at outset, one upon production of a suitably well qualified shortlist of candidates, and one upon successful completion of the assignment.

As a direct result of the client's commitment to work on a shared cost basis, Houghton McKenzie Ltd are able to allocate greater resource to retained campaigns should the need arise. Rest assured that we always act prudently with both client's and our own money, but if the need arises ( and only with your prior agreement ) there is the facility to extend the search to beyond our own database. Extended searches of this nature might include quite extensive market research in order to identify the very best people currently working in similar roles, but who under normal circumstances wouldn't be considering a career move. Additional man hours can also be made available to search through various outsourced databases. This dramatically widens the "search net".

Oddly enough, fees for the premier service tend to be lower than those for contingency assignments. This is a direct reflection of the higher level of commitment of both parties to work together on a partnership basis, each bearing an equitable portion of the attaching costs.

Potential clients should be aware that the services described on this site are of a general nature, and in no way form part of the trading terms and conditions between Houghton McKenzie Ltd and its clients. Trading terms are often bespoke to each client, and may contain some, none, or all of the component parts herein mentioned. Any agreement reached between Houghton McKenzie Ltd and a client, is binding on both parties, according to the specific detail of that agreement, and is in no way affected by anything on this website.

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